Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Red Hot T.U.K

A red hot exclusive for T.U.K. Super Platform fans with this patent red bondage 13cm heel only at Schuh this Summer. Search T.U.K. at Schuhstore.co.uk and check out the the brilliant customer reviews like this one from Clare Holland:

"This is my third adventure with T.U.K and I can honestly say these shoesare gorgeous! I have worn these babies out for the last two Saturdays and the attention I've had from both men and women has been overwhelming...I feel like a true celeb! The secret of T.U.K. is that they look naughty but nice.
The shoes are actually very comfortable because the instep isn't steep and the 5cm lift certainly adds to my stature. They are lovely to walk in (with adjustable straps) and are so attractive I guarantee they'll provide such a talking point you'll spend your night dealing with strangers and acquaintances (male and female) who are just dying to know where you go them.
If you've got a personality that's larger than life, if you're a bit of a one-off, or even if this is the first time you've tried wearing shoes like this...take my advice and buy them...it's access all areas with these shoes!”


  1. THEY R SO AMAZING but I looked and they've have sold-out. :( Will there be more? I want them! x

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  3. They have not sold out yet - they're on sale: http://www.schuhstore.co.uk/item_main_frameset.asp?s_ref=110545&s_group=1